Apex Ski Boots are available at the store for you to demo.


We DO NOT recommend demoing Apex Ski Boots – for the best skiing experience they need to be heat-molded, forward lean and flex set, and the chassis canted for your specific needs.  

Instead of demoing, we recommend that you take advantage of our BOOT SATISFACTION, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE:

  1. Schedule an appointment to purchase a pair of Apex Ski Boots

  2. Experience our award-winning boot fit: we evaluate your skiing goals and foot shape, explain the technology, and will custom fit and set up the boots for your specific needs.

  3. Ski on your new custom fit Apex Ski Boots. If you are not completely satisfied with the boots, return them for a full refund.


We are closed for the season. Our remaining inventory is listed on eBay.
Thanks for the great season. See you in the fall.