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Dekdebruns was started in 1947 by Al and Corky Dekdebrun as a sporting goods business. In 1961, a few years after Holiday Valley began, they decided to open a first-class ski shop in Ellicottville. Greg Dekdebrun started his career in the ski business by working for his parents.


In 1986, Greg and, his wife, Patti purchased the business from his parents. Over the years they strived to be the best ski shop in Western New York. Awarded SKI magazines GOLD MEDAL SKI SHOP 4 years in a row. Greg is a Master Fit University (boot-fitting) graduate.


Always looking for the latest in equipment, Greg discovered Apex Ski Boots and was so impressed that he became the First Apex Ski Boots dealer in 2006. Since then he has become one of the largest Apex Ski Boots dealers in the world and is currently the exclusive Western New York and Southern Ontario dealer.


In the spring of 2018, Greg decided to slow down and downsize the business so he could work part-time and Dekdebruns Apex Store was born. The store will be open on a limited basis mainly working by appointments. Greg will only be selling Apex Ski Boots and his custom-designed Apex Skis plus some accessories.

Customers Testimonials:

The Apex boots have been the most comfortable, warmest and convenient I have experienced.  Period.

If you put a few hours a week in on the snow, comfort and performance may not necessarily be the first requirement(s) in a boot.   Conversely, 6 to 8-hour shifts in whatever Mother Nature deals requires both.  We ski in the good and not so good conditions, so one less variable to overcome is a blessing.

As a bonus, when you want to take a break from the 2-slat method for some Boarding, click out of the frames and have at it with great fitting Riding Boots.   No Problem.

My only caution is, GET FIT for the boot.  Not only will you get the proper fit you will get the knowledge only the Fitter can know with respect to Tuning and Operation.




I just want to let you know how much I love my Apex ski boots. They are so comfortable and warm and most importantly so easy to put on.  I am so happy every time I wear them. I recommend them to all my friends. My husband has a pair and he loves them too.  We are looking forward to a great ski season.

Joany K


Just fitted for my third generation apex boots.  Excited to give them a try this year.  They were comfortable the minute I put them on.  Have been skiing apex boots for about 8 years.  While the original version was good, the second version was dramatically better.  Can't wait to try out the latest ones.  After years of cold, painful feet, warmth and comfort are no longer an issue.  Comfortable on the slopes and in the chalet.  Greg has always been great at boot fitting.  The new apex store and personal appointment boot fitting raise that to another level.  Highly recommend apex boots and Dekdebruns apex store.  Nobody's feet can be too warm or too comfortable.     


Bob S


No more sore ankle bones!

I bought my first pair of carbon fiber M 1 Apex boots in 2008 from Greg Dekdebrun in Ellicottville, NY. What a relief! Greg had punched out and altered my Technicas and Nordicas to fit some cranky ankle bones prior to that. As a last resort, he recommended Apex. What a relief! With Apex, I was finally comfortable all day and the high level of boot performance I was used to was not diminished. I finally packed out the liners in 2017. I bought the new HP's in 2017 to replace them. While I'm not sold on the bright orange color, I am still sold on the comfort and the high-performance level they give me. I wouldn't trade my Apexes for any other boot. Thanks to Denny Hanson, there is a great, viable alternative to the "hard shells" being made by some other very good companies. Love my Apex boots!

Jim K.


18 Washington Street - Upper

Ellicottville, NY 14731

(716) 490-1621


We will be reopening in November.  Click here to make an appointment.