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Carbon is the Perfect High-Performance Material for Ski Construction.​

The physical properties of carbon surpass other materials by nearly every measure. It’s lightweight, strong, and conductive, yet damp and shock absorbent. It reacts quickly to shocks and forces. It’s more durable and doesn’t fatigue under stress.

There is More to a Good Turning Ski Than Shape Alone.

The internal materials inside the ski, the characteristics of those materials, the quality of the materials, and the way the materials are laid up, make all the difference. While we have incorporated the most modern turning shapes into our ski designs, it is the unique carbon fiber material we use in our construction that makes our skis so different from traditional fiberglass and fiberglass/alloy skis. We use only the finest base, edge, core, carbon fiber, and resins in our ski constructions.


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The store will close Saturday, February 20th, 2021. Any remaining boots will be sold on eBay.